As a community it is important we set rules of behavior as well as rules for game play. Here is the code of conduct for our servers.

Real Life Issues:
As fun as a game is, it is still a game; the real world should come first. If you have an issue with family, work, or any other real world matter, attend to those first. If you can not attend an event you have committed to, please contact a member and let them know of your absence.

Listen to the higher ranking members; they are trusted with making decisions as long as they are inline with our charter. Don’t belittle, ridicule or ignore another member. We all make mistakes, don’t expect people to be perfect. Respect our guest players, every member of our clan was once a guest player. Respecting visitors is directly related to how full our servers are.

TeamSpeak is a great way to communicate. We encourage all players to use it while playing on our servers. Keep game channels open for game communication and keep chatter to a minimum. If you want to have long drawn out chats with someone please take it to the “Meeting Room”. Family members are allowed to join us, however please leave all family matters at home. Guest players wishing to join will need to contact Rotorhead, Wally or Diesel for the password. Ask a member in game for the IP, or post in the forums requesting access.

The forums are the other side of {BdG}, and the best way to communicate. Try to keep discussions on topic. Forums are where all clan activity is posted, please make sure you keep up to date on it.

Cheats/Hacks are never allowed. We have absolutely zero tolerance. If you suspect a player is cheating tell a senior member in spectate. Calling another a cheat without a consensus from a higher ranking member is not tolerated. Please make sure you are certain before taking actions. Nothing makes worse blood between players and clans than being falsely accused of being a cheat.

The server is not free. Our clan is funded by donations from members and we encourage visitors to help in the cost. PayPal is the preferred method of payment and all members are encourage to open up a PayPal account.

We thank you for obeying these simple rules to make {BdG}Tactical a better place to play Battlefield 3. We enjoy your company. Happy Fragging!

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