{BdG} was founded on November 11th, 2002, as a Medal of Honor:Allied Assault tactical realism clan, and is amongst the oldest active tactical realism clans in existence today. The first server was a 20 man MoH:AA server running a realistic weapons mod, with a modified version of the CKR realism mod. A second server was added in early 2003.

In December of 2003, the original Call of Duty was released and {BdG} began it’s transition to the the game from MoH:AA. By February of 2004, {BdG} was playing the game on our own dedicated Linux server, minus our Apple member base, who sere still playing MoH:AA, awaiting the Mac version of the game, which arrived in April of 2004. In December of 2004, {BdG}’s customized version of the AWE mod, FKKM, was added to the Call of Duty server. January of 2005 saw the release of the United Offensive expansion pack for Call of Duty, which we also adopted and modded with FKKM.

{BdG} slowly moved from CoD:UO to Call of Duty 2 in November of 2005. Unfortunately the game was released without any anti cheat support or the ability to mod the server. We fully committed to CoD2 in September of 2006, when Punk Buster anti cheat was added to the game and the Mac version was finally released.

On November 6th, 2007, {BdG} launched two Call of Duty 4 servers, begrudgingly moving from WW2 into the modern era. Over the course of the next year, {BdG} tried out a couple of different mods in hope of creating a more realistic environment before settling on a customized version of the newly released Open Warfare mod.

On November 11th, 2008, {BdG} returned to WW2 with Call of Duty:World at War. By July of 2008, we were running a highly customized version of the Open Warfare mod for WaW, known as bdg8, complete with more realistic weapon handling, stamina and damage penalties and realistic load outs for each team.

The lack of dedicated server support by Infinity Ward/Activision included {BdG} in the general boycott of Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2 in November of 2009.

On November 9th, 2010, {BdG} launched a Call of Duty:Black Ops server. The server was shut down in August of 2011 and was never modified to {BdG} standards, due to a lack of support by Treyarch/Activision for server side modifications.

On August 30th, 2011, {BdG} launched a Red Orchestra:Heroes of Stalingrad server, hoping this would be the ultimate tactical realism game that we had been searching for. Alas, it was not, and…

On November 19th, 2011, {BdG} launched our own Battlefield 3 server. That was great while it lasted, but again it was not what {BdG} was about.

Over the next 2 years, {BdG} operated a number of different servers from COD4 to BF3 in the hopes of rekindling what they loved about the older games that had mods and server side support. This worked for a while. At the same time, there were some internal issues that needed to be addressed. The issues were discussed amongst the member base and resolved. Unfortunately, {BdG} knew that the past was the past and that it would need to adapt or go the way of the Dodo. With that being said, {BdG} have moved to the realm of a multi-gaming clan, while never forgetting its roots and heritage. Most members play numerous different games from the COD series to the Battlefield series as well as some MMORP such as SWTOR and ESO. What keeps {BdG} going is the fun they have, no matter what they play, and the friendships they have formed and continue to do so with new members.

On September 12th, 2013, {BdG} launched our own Arma 3 server on Arma 3 release day. The server has undergone many variations with mods. Although the mods are great, they take away from the general public that has to download everything just to get on the server to play. For that reason, we have placed the server in “Vanilla” status with only the Community Based Addons A3 mod.

On February 17th, 2015, {BdG} launched our own Insurgency server. With full server control; including sourcemod and various plugins for administering the server and the setting up of various gametypes, gametime, score count, rules and realism settings; along with custom maps, has brought Tactical Realism full circle. When we started the server, {BdG}Tactical was ranked 196th world wide. With active admins, and tweaks to the server to give it a more realistic and tactical feel, {BdG}Tactical was ranked First (#1). This took us just under a month to achieve, and we maintained that rank for a few months. We want to thank all the players, both public and members for making this happen. We are currently in the top ten, hovering from mid top ten to first month by month. Thanks again to all who made this happen.

It is now 2015 and {BdG} is going strong. Come be a part of the oldest Tactical Gaming Squad to date.


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